Aloha mai kākou,

Planet -  Jones Valley Urban FarmWelcome to JingleSPOT Networks,

Hola a todos, Bonjour à tous, ciao a tutti, Hallo an alle, すべての良い一日, Hello to all,

We have a dream to share… We believe in a better world, without borders, without war, and without discrimination.  A world where helping others is the status quo.

We believe that when humans choose first, to “Be Excellent to Each other“, we can change the world together.  Lifting the human experience to a new level.

We believe, that together, we can ensure peace and prosperity for all.  We can make wealth, health and happiness, a birthright for every man, woman, and child on this planet.

A central place for collaboration, mass communication, business, news, and entertainment.  Valuable tools and resources for schools, state, and city governments.  Powerful tools for building and connecting local, national and global communities.

Designed from the ground up, by serial entrepreneurs, JingleSPOT can help businesses and communities grow viraly.  To this end, we passionately give enough FREE TOOLS, to allow any man, woman, or child to quickly and easily build substantial, and sustainable sources of income, both online and in most local communities.

The JingleSPOT Nexus, is a place for kids, adults, business leaders, government, celebrities, and the rest of the world, to shout out and share ideas, collaborate on projects, build a business, or a dream together, and so much more.

The internet is a place of opportunity, and we’re sharing that opportunity, by providing the tools to exploit the best the internet has to offer.

Determined to Build a Better World?

Let your voice be heard, join our FREE network and take advantage of the millions we have invested to help you, help us, make the world a better place.

Whether your looking for entertainment only, you want to build your own small business, or you’re a major corporation, expanding your brand, JingleSPOT is perfect for you.

R2A waving goodbyeJingleSPOT  maintenance and ongoing development is a service of MystroWARE Technologies, and JingleSPOT is proudly partnered with Starlight Entertainment, one of America’s top promotions agencies.

The state-of-the-art JingleSPOT Network, is owned by the Rodgers family and dedicated to continuing the goals of our foundation; SuperKids International.

We are committed, to maintaining our networks, for the benefit of all the peoples of the world. Likewise, a portion of profits from this community provide ongoing support for SuperKids global humanitarian projects.

Join today, so we can start by making your life better, with the toolbox we have just waiting on the other side of that FREE DOOR.

Metallica at Rock Werchter 2009 ♫♪Thank you for becoming a member and helping us to make the world a better, more friendly place to live
Mahalo and aloha akua, muchas gracias y el amor de Dios, Merci et à l’amour de Dieu, Grazie e l’amore di Dio, 神の愛をありがとう, para convertirse en miembro y por ayudarnos a hacer del mundo un lugar mejor y más agradable para vivir, pour devenir membre et nous aider à rendre le monde un lieu meilleur, plus facile à vivre, per diventare membro e aiutandoci a rendere il mondo migliore, più accogliente luogo per vivere, 参加するための、より良い、よりフレンドリーな住む場所を世界を作るため私たちを助けるため。

Aloha a hui hou akua,
Goodbye, until we meet again, adiós, hasta el próximo encuentro, jusqu’à ce que nous nous reverrons, arrivederci, fino a quando ci incontreremo di nuovo, Auf Wiedersehen bis wir uns wiedersehen, さようなら私たちはまた会う日まで





JingleSPOT Founders,
The Rodgers Family